PRIMCO offers short and long-term collaborations to improve the asset profitability of its clients. Our Experts can intervene on an ad hoc basis or as part of a long-term partnership as time-shared outsourced technical assistance. This can be done through our help desk or on-site.

Our expertise and assistance can make your business more flexible, reliable and cost-effective while enhancing safety and reducing its impact on the environment.

More Flexible

  • Performance and improvement programs to identify “quick win” opportunities
  • Revamp and process scheme reconfiguration to meet future specifications
  • Process troubleshooting
  • Catalytic units run length optimization and reduction of shut down time
  • Development of inter and intra synergies

More Reliable

  • Risk-Based Inspection methodology design and implementation
  • Corrosion studies & material selection versus operating conditions
  • Root cause analysis after equipment failure
  • Improvement of rotating machinery components (valves, piston rings, pump sealing, etc…)

More cost-effective

  • Maintenance & inspection programs to minimize turnaround scope and duration
  • Development of frame contract procurement strategy for catalyst and chemicals supply
  • Development of catalyst pool management strategy
  • Trading of unused catalyst to minimize inventory and generate profits

While enhancing safety and reducing the impact on environment

  • Improvement of process energy efficiency
  • Implementation of innovative technologies to reduce environmental impact of combustion equipment (emissions, smoke, noise and thermal radiation)
  • Safety review of combustion equipment and flare networks
  • Modernization and upgrade of rotating machinery

Furthermore, PRIMCO’s Experts can also provide custom-designed training on their technical areas of expertise.

For more details about our achievements and references, please contact us.